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Re: [IP] Hang In There

    Like you and a lot of others out there, I too was dxed at  13. In fact 1
month before my 13th birthday (What a birthday present. LOL)
    I live up in the Uintah Mountains in Utah, and the closest town is 17
miles away. the closest pharmacy is 1 hour away. They don't stock a whole
lot of d supplies. So getting glucose tabs are sometimes hard to come by.
But my biggest excuse is I plain forget about them.
    It is very hard sometimes to live with my parents. Its not that they
don't think I am taking care of myself, its that they think every little
thing will flare my d up. In fact, when we were living in Salt Lake, my mom
went as far as to tell my brothers to stay away if they were going to cause
an argument. She told them that when they argue, it stresses me out then my
blood sugars sky rocket. I know they love me. In fact they tell me so every
day (Sometimes I have to wrestle it out of them! LOL) Its that they love me
in EXCESS. I once thought that there could never be such a thing as being
loved too much, but there is.
    I would love to be able to live on my own, to give them some privacy
(after all, they HAVE been married 29 years and have only had 2 years of
their marriage by themselves) and most importantly to give MYSELF some
privacy, but so far it just hasn't worked out.
    I don't have very many non-d friends, (Actually I don't have very many
friends outside the family at all.) but they are all married. And I refuse
to be a burden on any of them. I spent more time out of school with my d
then I was in school. In 7th grade, I missed half the year (I was diagnosed
that year). I missed all of 8th grade, I only made 9 days of 9th. I managed
to go all through 10th. But then 11th I missed more than I was there. And
12th I dropped out. I got tired of the school system messing around with me.
All of the time that I was off, I was on Home & Hospital. That is where the
teacher comes to you with your work. So I didn't have a whole lot of
opportunity to make lasting friendships. I also didn't date until I was 19,
by my own choice. I was hardly feeling up to dealing with the whole dating
ritual til then. I can count the number of dates that I have been on with 1
    Pathetic isn't it? :-/
    Thanks for listening.


Yesterday is in the past...
Tomorrow has yet to come...
Today is a gift, that is why we call it...THE PRESENT!

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> Cherry,
> Reading your message made me cry because I can remember feeling that same
> when I was your age (and even later).  I got diabetes when I was 13.  One
> thing I would say is buy alot of glucose tabs and keep them on hand
> I still have lows followed by terrible headaches but not very often.
> The stress of living with your parents must be difficult at 24.  Couldn't
> move in with an understanding non-diabetic friend?
>When I
> lived at home my parents made me feel like I didn't care about being
> because I wasn't doing everything by the book - in other words - living
like a
> robot!
>Try to put yourself in your parents place.  I know it's
> difficult though.  When I am having a low, I really try not to say
anything at
> all because I know I'll be a grouch and say something that I'll have to
> guilty about later.
>They understand.
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