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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #457

Can anyone help me please?  I am an insulin pumper and have had to get off of 
the pump twice in the last 6 months because of site problems.  I just got off 
again last nite for the same reason.  I will have been on the pump for 2 
years in October.  Anyway, my problem is the sites themselves.  I have even 
gone as far as changing insulins and that does not work.  I use Humalog in 
the pump.  I have tried the abdomen, arm and hip site areas and the same 
problem always comes back.  The problem is this:  after inserting the needle 
it usually begins to hurt right away.  Sometimes it goes away but then comes 
back towards the end of the three day run.  It hurts to even lightly touch 
the pump site and hurts more sometimes when actually doing a bolus.    I have 
been using the Quick-set but before that used the Soft-set.  I use the short 
needle with the Quick-set.  The pain still remains the same.  And, to top it 
all off I have the very beginnings of gastroparesis and really need the pump. 
 I do so much better on it than I do with just injections.  I have Type I 
diabetes and have been a diabetic for 33 years.  I would love to hear from 
ANYONE who might shed some light on this.  Please e-mail me anytime.  Thank 
you from the bottom of my heart.

email @ redacted
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