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[IP] Hang In There

Reading your message made me cry because I can remember feeling that same way
when I was your age (and even later).  I got diabetes when I was 13.  One
thing I would say is buy alot of glucose tabs and keep them on hand.  I buy
the big containers of them and try to always keep 2 backup bottles.  Then I
transfer the gluscose tabs to the smaller tubes that you can carry in your
purse.  I still have lows followed by terrible headaches but not very often.
The stress of living with your parents must be difficult at 24.  Couldn't you
move in with an understanding non-diabetic friend?  I went off to college,
lived in the dorms, then apartments with roommates, then an apartment by
myself, all before I got married (married at age 24).  I was a dance major in
college taking hours of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, etc. every day.  I'm not
saying it was easy but it did cause me to take charge of MY disease.  When I
lived at home my parents made me feel like I didn't care about being healthy
because I wasn't doing everything by the book - in other words - living like a
robot!  Looking back, I know they were worried and loved me very much.  They
were doing the best they could with the info they had.  I understand now
because my husband had a masssive heart attack two years ago at the age of 36
and almost died.  Now he has to eat a restricted diet and watch satuarated
fats and cholesterol.  I try not to nag him when I see him eating a chili
cheese dog but it's hard because I love him and want him to live a long
healthy life.  Try to put yourself in your parents place.  I know it's
difficult though.  When I am having a low, I really try not to say anything at
all because I know I'll be a grouch and say something that I'll have to feel
guilty about later.  When I'm feeling good, I tell my family to please not
talk to me if I say "My blood sugar is low".  I've told them not to worry
because I'm taking care of it.  They understand.
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