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reply to[IP] Pump & weight loss

aka Mouse f you were constantly having to feed low bgs and having to feed the 
peaks when you weren't hungry, you are probably not having to do that now, 
with a more stable bg, and not having to take in all those extra 
carbs/calories.... therefore lower calories = weight loss.

I AGREE! i needed to lose some weight, about 15lbs. before the pump i had to 
eat often and had low bs everyday and then some. so i was always eating and 
drinking too. which made me gain weight. Plus i can now skip meals and not 
have low bs. i am at a perfect weight now and i am that much more happier 
being on the pump and being thinner but not to thin. take care and good luck 
Eileen. p.s. you must be careful though, you can weight easily on the pump, 
since you can bolus and eat with no problem for bs, but a problem as to 
possible weight gain!
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