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Reply/Comment to [IP] FRIO wallet for pump

Hi, i just got back from vacation at the shore and the frio wallet worked 
great. it kept my pump at room temp, just like it said it would. I would 
recommend it to all. I ordered through there website. i think its 
www.frio.com not sure. if you order direct from them there is no shipping and 
handling charge, i think i paid around 23.oo for it. well worth it. First 
time on vacation with pump, i ate more then usual and my insuling pump was on 
overdrive, i barely made it to the 3rd day of change out, but the food was 
all worth it. take care Eileen God Bless America!! p.s. Frio wallet was easy, 
just place the gel pack in water for like 5 minutes, place pump inside of it 
then place inside of wallet, has velcro on it for you to attach whereever!
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