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Re: [IP] low blood sugars AAARGGGGHHH!!!

       Hang in there! I know I have alot of these days where all I want to do 
is be left alone! I hate when I wake up actually feeling good then in the 
afternoon I have a low and then the rest of the afternoon is shot because I 
feel lousy. Nobody understands except us. I hope things get easier for you 
and your family. I now live alone and I always here from everyone how 
dangerous it is for me. I haven't had anything major happen to me so I feel I 
am safe. I have had diabetes for 21 years so I feel I can be the judge of 
things. I am now 28. Take care and your are welcome to email me privately if 
you would like to talk or just vent.
Heather W.
email @ redacted
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