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[IP] Newly diagnosed Type 1 needs advice

I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes completely out of the blue last month.
I am 37 years old, the mother of two teenagers, and no family history of
diabetes, although I was told I had "borderline gestational diabetes" with
my first pregnancy 15 years ago.  I am now finding out that I shouldn't be
surprised that it took my doctors 9 MONTHS to diagnose me and my BG was 800
when *I* finally figured it out for them.

Right now I am doing 5 Humalog injections per day, 1:6 in the morning, 1:8
at night, and 14 units of Lantus at bed time.  If I even think about food in
the am, my BG goes up 100 points :-)

I am sure I will have tons of questions about the pump, I am taking a
two-day prep class starting tomorrow, but here is my of initial question:  I
am really tall and skinny (5 11, 140 lbs).  I am not at all happy about
doing abdomen injections (you can see my ribs through my skin), and have
mostly been injecting my thighs.  My endo does not like the idea of me
having the injection site for my pump on my thighs, especially because I've
been doing a lot of walking and plan on starting training for an AIDS ride
shortly.  I would love to hear ideas from other tall, scrawny athletic types
on this list.

Also, I have been having tons of problems with my vision (floaters, blurred
edges, and *really* splitting headaches) and have seen an opthamologist who
said I should wait 3 months before getting new glasses because that's how
long it will take for my vision to stabilize.  I am sure others have
experienced this and I would like their thoughts on that, plus any drug
recommendations other than NSAIDs (which cause chronic brusing for me) and
codeine, which just isn't working.


Sheri Byrne
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