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[IP] Switching to Novlog/NovoRapid from H/V mix

I was going to prepare this nice long detailed report about Lily's 
switch from mixing Humalog and Velosulin to using Novolog.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it :-), it 
has become a complete "non-event'. She's been using Novolog for about 
3 weeks now and her infusion sites last quite nicely until her next 
site change -- she changes twice a week. The uptake time of the 
Novolog appears to be almost identical to her H/V 5/1 mix. If 
anything, she has run just slightly low for the period since she 
switched to the new insulin, however she has also had a change of 
schedule and activities as she has just started as a freshman at UC 
San Diego.

Guess that's about it. It appears that none of the site irritation or 
site loss issues that were present with Humalog have appeared for 
with Novolog aka NovoRapid in countries other than the US.

As another positive note, one of our members from OZ who could not 
tolerate Humalog at all, has been successfully using NovoRapid since 
August 1, 2001. It would appear that for those of you that are 
allergic to Humalog or have short infusion site life and repeated 
high bg's withing 36-48 hours after a set change that Novolog may be 
a real boon. It's hard to draw conclusions from just a few ancedotal 
reports, but it sure looks promising. Talk to your doc about trying 
Novolog/NovoRapid if you think it might help.

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