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Re: [IP] Pump & weight loss

I am eating much less and only when I am hungry, which
puts me on a different meal schedule from most people
(breakfast at 10:30 - 11 am, lunch at 2:30pm, dinner
at 8:30 pm).  I just started exercising again this
weekend and it has been great sofar not have to treat
"suprise lows" in the middle of the night or while I
am driving.  When I go for my next visit to my primary
physician I can say to her "Ha! it was because of the
insulin that I had a difficult time losing weight!"

Mystie =)

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 21:00:29 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Pump & weight loss

If you were constantly having to feed low bgs and 
having to feed the nph 
peaks when you weren't hungry, you are probably 
not having to do that now, 
with a more stable bg, and not having to take in 
all those extra 
carbs/calories.... therefore lower calories = 
weight loss.  I know that I 
took off a good 30 lbs in the month after I went 
on the pump.  Before the  
pump, I had to eat just about every 2 hours 
whether I was hungry or not, when 
I went on the pump, I actually found myself 
skipping meals just because I 
could  and wasn't hungry, and really lost some 
serious weight.... I still 
have a ways to go, but am working on it!!!

aka Mouse

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