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[IP] Insurance...the battle begins

Okay, many of you remember my whining the other day about the cost of my
deductible for pump supplies, which my insurance currently classifies as
"durable medical". A few people said I should call the insurance company and
ask for written proof of why it is classified that way.  I called and the
customer service rep. could find no mention of pump supplies or tubing.  She
said it was covered as "other" and offered no more help. I then made some
calls and found out that the 90 supply day mail order prescription service we
have will supply tubing and reservoirs.
Doesn't that seem to imply that it should be under prescription services? And
Does anyone have any other suggestions on what to do?  Shall I call back and
just be very assertive to the customer service reps at the insurance company?
Should I write a very formal letter? Should I have my doctor call?
What is the most effective way of dealing with the insurance monster when they
classify something one way, but have no written proof?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who can't afford $1400 per year deductible plus 20% copay and is somewhat meek
about dealing with strangers
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