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[IP] experience with burns on abdomen?

Yesterday afternoon something fell from the cupboard, hitting and breaking 
the teapot that I had just filled with boiling water, causing a bad burn all 
across my lower abdomen.  My set was luckily inserted above the waist, 
although it did fall off during the evening (I caught it right away) -- even 
IV3000 tape doesn't hold up to boiling water.  I spent about 15 minutes in 
the bathroom putting cold water on it, and then wore an ice pack across it 
during the rest of the wedding shower I was hosting --some party activities 
are just hard to plan for :-).  Anyway, since I now have lots of blisters and 
a substantial area that has lost a layer of skin, I am heading off to the 
doctor soon (I called the advise nurse at Blue Cross and she instructed me to 
tell them I should be seen within 6 hours).

The affected area, of course, covers most of my favorite insertion sites, so 
I am really interested in healing quickly.  Has anyone had experience with 
burns in insertion areas?  Any tips?

Linda Z
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