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RE: [IP] I want to go to war but I'can't why diabetes(A RESPONSE)

Like those who posted saying that it was a dream to serve in the military
until the big D struck, I too wanted to serve.  I guess I did the next best
thing. I married into it.  lol
But seriously I too have had the argument that I CAN take care of myself.
But you all have no idea what life in the field is like.  There is no sense
of "clean".  And should something happen that your command says you are to
stay out there indefinitely....cause this does happen....What are you to do
then?  There's no refrigeration for insulin, showers may happen once a month
(as did for my husband when he went to Bosnia) and I don't even want to talk
about how MRE's.
I know your desire and applauded your patriotism but why should we suffer a
casualty and then use of more people to take care of you because you have a
known medical problem.  Your medical problem would not be just yours anymore
it would be the military's.  You become gov't property when you join.
Today there are quite a few diabetics that I know of in the Army and on
pumps.  That is because they were diagnosed while on active duty.
My husband has a guy in his unit that is type II.  He never checks his
sugars and acts like he was never diagnosed.  Quite a few times at PT  and
on road marches he has passed out or looked like he was in dire straits.  My
husband now keeps one of my extra meters in his car for when this happens
because the soldier doesn't even bother to keep one with him.  Unfortunately
this is the story of the majority of active duty diabetics.
Just another perspective.
Sheila Morris
Ft. Sam Houston, TX
Home of the Army Medical Command
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