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[IP] Re: Pump & Weight Loss

You must be eating less of some things.  I, too, have lost weight on the
pump - very gradually - (it's been 4 mos. now) and that part has been
wonderful.  I simply don't eat all the carbohydrates I used to, because I
no longer have to.  For example, if I don't want to eat bread with my
dinner, I don't.  If I don't want a whole sandwich for lunch, I eat just a
half.  I also no longer eat crackers before I go to bed because I don't
have to.  It really adds up.  Of course, this is not necessarily easy for
me, because I have a huge appetite.  And I do go hungry sometimes.  But
that is self-imposed!

So, if you analyze your food intake, you'll probably find that that's
what's happening to you.  If you're eating exacty the same things, I have
no clue!  As your MD.  Good luck!

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