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[IP] Re: I want to go to war but I'can't why diabetes(A RESPONSE)

 >> The average life expectancy of insulin-dependent diabetics, diagnosed
 >> before
 >> the age of 30, has been reported as 29 years, with over half failing to
 >> reach 50 years of age.

 > This is hogwash! I was diagnosed at the age of 15 months and given the fact
 > that I am now 36 proves this to be wrong! And I am pretty certain I can
 > hang in there for at least 14 more years if not longer!!!!

Because you happened to have outlasted the average does not 'prove' the 
it's wrong or is hogwash.  It's wrong because it's outdated, not because 
you're still alive.  Whenever there is any kind of average, median, mean, 
etc. there MUST be some that are on either side of the statistic.  I will 
guess that we will not hear from many of the dm'ers that died within 10 
years.  When the stats were researched (50's, 60's ?) it was probably 
pretty close to a bell curve with some not making it very long (not 
diagnosed quickly, poor care, luck, etc.) and some lasting to old age with 
few complications and unrelated modes of passing.

We should all be more concerned with what the DCCT found about tight 
control and make conscientious efforts to lengthen the average life 
expectancy of dm'ers, by living long.  I would guess that those statistics 
would still be viable for a population of dm'ers that do not use the most 
up to date methods of dm care (pumps, bg testers, etc.), as many have 
stated.  There will always be those that refuse to take care of their 
cancer, cardiac, dm, etc.

I plan to live forever.  So far so good.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make 
me happy.
  - J.D. Salinger
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