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[IP] Needles

--- Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Cherryl:
> You are a much braver person than I!!!
> I cannot stand to see a needle go into my skin and

When I was first diagnosed the doc wanted me to go
into the hospital straight from his office but I
begged him to let me try the injections right away (I
had my first gig with Maxene Andrews from the Andrews
Sisters that night and I was too hopped up to miss it
for anything). The doctor agreed but said I had to
give myself the injection while he and my boyfriend
stood there. He told me to hold the needle as far away
from my body as I could with both hands and ram it
into my stomach. Now we all know that that's a little
dramatic, but tell that to my boyfriend at the time
who turned green and fainted. All of a sudden everyone
was rushing around taking care of him and making sure
he was OK, while I had just stuck myself with a
NEEDLE. I never forgave that doc - he could have at
least had me pinch an inch first. I had a bruise the
size of a silver dollar for weeks on my belly. 
Anyway, it sure cured my fear of needles.

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