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[IP] military life

Military duty is very unpredictable.  At a moment's notice, you can be sent 
to another duty location.  What if you are waiting for your supplies or 
replacement pump? Your family may not be able to send them to you for your 
location may be secret. All military must be ready and able to do what they 
are called to do. It would not be equitable for persons with diabetes to sit 
at a desk in a safe location while your comrade served 3 tours in Viet Nam. 
And if you were asked to "cover" for your company mate while he flushed out 
the enemy, you couldn't say "after I change out my infusion set."  There 
would be no guarantee that your insulin and supplies would be available 
everywhere.  What if your office were taken over by some anti group and you 
were hostage for several days.  Most career military serve at least 2 
assignments of one year in places where families are not authorized to go.  
For example, Korea. Try that for stress levels. No, it has nothing to do with 
the military not wanting to pay for your medical care. Some folks with type 2 
who were already in military and not on insulin have been allowed to stay, 
each situation on its own merit.  Priscilla Schell, RNCDE and Army wife for 
23 years.
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