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[IP] RE: military, diabetes, etc....

We have a military peds endo and he is THE BEST! Right, Sylvia?
:) No complaints about the diabetes care here! (And YES, Michael
and George, I've added him to the dr's page! A long time ago, in
fact!) :) I don't know what we'll do when we have to leave him.
:( I guess we'll survive but I don't even want to think about it.

As for the diagnosis part, well, that's a different story. The
military ER drs (and some of the nurses) were jerks to me. When I
took my daughter in (she was 6 at the time, is 11 now), they were
apparently suspicious of child neglect because she had lost so
much weight in such a short time (after having the flu) and was
skeletal. I also say this because of the way they were treating
me. Plus, I was due in a month with child #6 and my hubby was out
to sea. So, they (wrongly) assumed the worst (ie: pg mom with
lots of kids and can't handle hubby being gone, so takes it out
on the kids). Thank goodness a nurse (an angel, really) with type
1 happened to come on duty while we were there and said something
to the dr about diabetes (she was the only other person besides
me who could smell the ketone breath). The lab work came back and
the rest is history. (Funny how I was treated SO much better
after the diagnosis of *DKA* was made. It was like turning a
switch.) That same nurse gave me a lot of encouragement about my
daughter's future and I owe my mostly positive outlook of life
with diabetes to her.

I guess there are some good ones and some bad ones out there!

Take care, Kerri
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Annie said:
I owe everything to the Naval doctors in Norfolk, Va. and the
Naval hospital and I am speaking from 35 years of personal
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