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[IP] Life/Death

When I consider my age I must ask with respect to what reference point: (1)
physical birth, (2) spirual birth, (3) spirual death, (4) onset of diabetes,
(5) treatment improvement, such insulin pumps and (6) physical death. The most
common reference is (1) whereas (6) physical death is sometimes practiced in
cases where stats can be made accurate enough to obtain predictions that seem
to hold up to sound reasoning and is not usually performed using the person in
question as the subject. Whatever reference is used there are uncertainty
associated. Under these conditions Stat methods can be useful.

A good system will be: (4) the onset of diabetes and (5) treatment
improvements as related to (6). Normal Stats usually don't apply in cases like
these and nonparametric stats are used.  Even with this system there will
errors measured using Std Dev( sigma ). The uncertainty will be centered
around the date given for the onset of diabetes occur and when did you advance
to an better treatment such as use of insulin and an insulin pumps that
improved your Hb1Ac to 5.0. These improvements in treatments will increase
your chance of greater lifetime because of better control, that is to say your
Std Dev will be higher, say 5 Std Devs. and thus (5) physical death will occur
at a more advanced age (from physical birth). For example if the ave death is
65 +/- 1 and your improved treatment put you in the 5th Std Dev your death
would be 70 years of age based on (1) and (6).
Take Care
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