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[IP] Re: Weight loss on the pump

I have been successful losing weight since going on the pump. Prior to the
pump, I wasn't exercising regularily, eating larger meals-a full sandwich
for breakfast, hamburger plus fries for lunch, and a fairly big meal meat
potatoes and vegetables for supper. I cut servings especially carbohydrates
by half-now only 1 piece of bread or a half a sandwich plus juice for
breakfast, just a hamburger plus fruit for lunch and reduced my
potato-serving for supper. I really watch fats too. I exercise every
night-usually ride my bike 6-8 miles, walking 3 miles, or use cardio
equipment plus weight lifting at the gym. I change exercise frequently to
reduce boredom. I lost 18 pounds in two years-my weight fluctuated a few
times, but I know the cardiovascular benefits are good for me. Downfalls on
the pump is wanting things I shouldn't have, like skittles candy and
chocolate, knowing I can just cover it. Now I am determined not to eat
sugary things because that put weight on me despite any exercise I did to
wear it off. I really think the combination of reducing carbohydrates so you
don't need the extra insulin to cover it and exercise so you don't need so
much insulin is the way to losing weight. At supper time, my basal rate is
lower .6 compared to .8 and .7 as the rest of the day. Plus I give myself
half the dose of insulin at supper time. I recheck after the exercise and my
blood sugar has been just fine, not needing any more insulin other than what
my basal rate is taking care of.

Best wishes and happy pumping. Sharon
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