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[IP] pregnancy

I have a question.  I have 3 children ages 8,6 and 5.  I have been type 1 for 15 years.  Only my last child was done on an insulin pump.  My pregnancies were very hard, many hospitalization, all preemies (but BIG).  My last child was 6weeks early and weight 9lbs5ozs!  The pump really made no big difference in control during my pregnancy.  In fact my basals were 4.0u/hr plus I took shots.  I replaced batteries every week!  My question...I have always wanted 5 kids.  I know 5 won't happen but I still want 1 more.  The one thing that is different now is that before I did not have neuropathy so bad and I was spilling no microalbumin in my urine (I am only spilling 80 now) and I also did not have backgroung retinopathy.  Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with diabetic complications starting prior to pregnancy.  My husband wants to OB/GYN to say it is okay for me to be pregnant again, our appt is Oct 18.  I have already talked to the OB/GYN and he said yes but that I really need!
 to persue it now and not wait much longer because I am also 35 on top of it.   Any good stories?  I hope so.
Thanks for any input you guys may have.

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