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Re: [IP] Military is wrong! Us oldies can prove it!

I totally agree with Kathy.
My neighbor is 93 years old. She is still very active, she still gets around
by herself. She lives by herself and she is even an owner of several houses
that she rents out. And she is a world travler, she just reapplied for her
passport! Now I grant you she hasn't been diabetic very long, about 2 years,
but she is testimony of what can be achieved. When I am feeling down, I just
think of her.
And as to war, There are a lot of things that can be done as civilians on
the homefront. Afterall, if we as civilians don't help out, then the
soldiers would never be able to achieve our greatest goal, victory over
those who are trying to suppress us. Those are the worst example of human
kind and need to be brought to justice, and our armed forces cannot achieve
that without the love and support of our nation.
I would have loved to go into the marines, but since that is not possible, I
am willing to do, and am doing, anything that I can to give our people the
love, support, and help that they need.
Please quite thinking of all that we CAN'T do, and concentrate on all that
we can!
God bless!


Yesterday is in the past...
Tomorrow has yet to come...
Today is a gift, that is why we call it...THE PRESENT!

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Subject: [IP] Military is wrong! Us oldies can prove it!

> Ok folks...I think enough is enough and for all who haven't read the
> original message and it's responses...
> But I want each and everyone of you to stop with thinking that you only
> so many years left to live.
> No one can tell us how many years we have left on this earth.  That is in
> God's hands and His alone....
> so please, especially all you younger ones...put this out of your mind,
> testing, pumping, exercising and eating right and go for the gold!!!!
> Huge hugs to all of you...hold your heads high and live your lives to the
> fullest!
> Kathy Bruckmeyer
> email @ redacted
> diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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