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Re: [IP] Different tape for thighs?

In a message dated 9/22/01 3:23:35 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> , I have soft sets and the sils go in at 90
> degree angle don't they? 

Yikes!  If you saw how long that needle was, you'd say ouch too  :O)
Actually, the sils go in on a 'slight' angle, depending on how you insert 
them.  They tell you to insert them like a plane landing, but I myself have 
found that's too deep.  What I actually do and it works out perfectly for me 
is stand up and pinch some blubber... i mean skin and then go in at hardly an 
angle at all, almost to where you can see the needle right under your skin.  
I'd say it's probably 10-15 degrees.  Then when I let go of my 'skin,' it 
pulls it down a little and it's on the perfect angle for me.

I've tried going in at a 30 degree angle and when I laid the tape down, the 
cannula part of the set actually bent.

Again, as always... YMMV!
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