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[IP] Re: War

 > I just want to let ya'll know I'm a pumper and an
 > active member of the military! Our State Guard is
 > attached to the 226 of the National Guard, We drill
 > and are called out for many things. I'm sitting here
 > now waiting to be assigned out for this war. As a D
 > and in HeadQuarters Division I know I won't be on the
 > front line but will still be serving my Country as
 > pers.mgt.spvr., I'm Also an Honor Guard Member!
 > Be All You Can Be...........
 > SFC Greenhill, Regina H.
That's great.  Congratulations.  Were you able to join w/dm?  Does your 
branch have different regulations than the other services?  I would guess 
that you were already a member when you contracted it.  IIRC, when I was 
choosing between school and service ('66) if I had chosen the Army I would 
have gotten an automatic ticket home when I was dx'ed (Oct '66) and would 
have earned some kind of disability for the rest of my life.  That is one 
way that they have improved, as they don't want to trash their investment 
in training, etc. that they have in their recruits.  I had also tried to 
join when I suspended my schooling ('70 I thought that I could help in the 
support lines), and was quickly turned down. This was when they were 
desperate for recruits.

As far as the statistics that DOD uses.  Why should they change?  They 
won't take us because of expenses.  Period.  When they use older 
statistics, the less will be the dissent from teenagers wanting to 
join.  Maybe the laws and regulations that are in place in the workplace 
will, eventually, be used for all.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier.
  - Blore's Razor
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