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[IP] using the pump

I love reading the digest as I am still new to this and it is encouraging that
most people seem to like them and are fareing pretty well on them.  I am
getting a little discouraged and last night I just took mine out and have not
put in back in again.  Twice after inserting the softserve I had to replace
them as they were not functioning.  Also, a couple of times including
yesterday, they worked fine the first day and then just stopped.  My pump did
not warn me that I was not getting any insulin.  Is it supposed to?  My bs was
in the 200's before I ate dinner and I bolused accordingly.  After a couple of
hours I checked my bs again and it was in the high 300's.  I bolused again and
waited 30 minutes and rechecked but it was now up in the 400's.  I took it out
gave myself an injection and went to bed and slept like a baby all night
without having to get up and check anything.  I have never had a problem
taking shots.  I would rather take a shot than a pill so all this stuff you
have to do to insert the pump is driving me crazy.  My little bitty needles
that take two seconds are looking better and better all the time.  After I get
through cleaning my house I am going to take a shower and put it back in again
and then I will need to make myself come and read the digest to see that most
people do like them.  The thing that makes me want to persevere is the long
term benifits the pumps seem to bring to most people.  I am feeling so guilty
as I know there are people out there who want them so badly and can't afford
them and my insurance paid 100%. I'm trying to keep the faith.  Janie Marks
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