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Re: [IP] Pump & weight loss

I too have been on the pump for about one month and have lost about 9 pounds. 
I truly believe it is because I am religiously counting carbs and when I 
think about the amounts of food I used to eat compared to what I am eating 
now, it is no wonder I am losing weight. However my caregiver tells me that 
after a while this will probably taper off and I will maintain my weight. The 
problem that can be encountered with pump therapy is that since you can 
bolous for what you eat, some diabetics tend to eat the "wrong" things and 
cover them with insulin (i.e. ice cream sundaes, cake, pie, cookies etc.). 
That is not to say we cannot have these things at all, but if you want to 
maintain or lose weight, you have to eat wisely just like any non-diabetics. 
Especially when the blood sugar readings stay relatively normal, you will put 
weight on or off just like any non-diabetic purely based on what you eat. I 
too am about 25 pounds overweight because of years and years of poor diabetes 
& diet control and probably will have to live with it for the rest of my 
life. I try to eat around 12 carb equivalents per day (188 gms). I bolous 1 
unit per 15 gms of carbs. Hope this helps.

Barb Rossman
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