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[IP] Pump Supplies

I started pumping about a year ago and thought that I would have to 
use the durable medical part of my health policy to get my pump 
supplies. I had called Merck Medco (who handles the mail order 
part of our RX plan) and was told several times that I could not get 
my supplies through them.

For me it was the difference between paying the 10% of the total 
cost of supplies or the $5 copay on each RX at three month 

It was another pumper in the department that I worked that finally 
gave me the secret to getting my supplies through Merck Medco 
RX plan. Instead of giving them the name of the products to look up 
in the computer to see if there was coverage I gave them the NDC#.

This NDC# is individual to all medical products. I called MiniMed for 
the NDC# on the products I use and then called Merck Medco and 
finally found out they were covered under my RX plan and I didn't 
need to go through durable medical supplies.

This saves me over $500.00 a year on supplies. My supplies still 
come from MiniMed but they are ordered by Merck and then mailed 
to me in 3 months supplies. I usually give them about a 2-3 week 
turn around to get them to me.

It's worth a try to lower your costs. Only hitch is that because I 
don't get any other supplies through MiniMed when I order my 
batteries they wouldn't just bill durable medical supplies for them. I 
have have to pay full price and then I submit the bill and get back 
90% several months later. I know I could just go else where for the 
batteries too.

Sof-set Ultra QR 42" NDC#76300031512
Syringe Resevoir NDC#76300010323
IV Prep NDC#50484021200

To help Merck make sure they get the right supplies I also have my 
Dr write the NDC# on the RX.

Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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