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[IP] **9/20-CDA News release re:flying**

To clear up some of the confusion.....
It looks like you can have your supplies on board
after presenting a Dr.'s letter.....

from: http://www.diabetes.ca/news/flying20010920.html
CDA News Release

(September 20, 2001 - Toronto) As a result of
increased security at Canadian airports, the Canadian
Diabetes Association and the Air Transport Association
of Canada (ATAC) are advising people with diabetes to
obtain a letter from their doctor prior to air travel.

ATAC advises passengers with diabetes carrying
insulin, syringes or other diabetes related material
must present a doctor's letter describing the
medications and medical devices in their possession.
These items may include insulin, syringes, insulin
pens, glucose meters, insulin pumps and lancets. Prior
to boarding an aircraft, passengers will be required
to present this letter as well as their medication at
security screening points at Canadian airports. 

"To lessen possible delays at the airport, the
Canadian Diabetes Association is encouraging people
with diabetes - particularly those who are
insulin-dependant - to travel with a letter from their
physician outlining their onboard medical needs," said
Alexis Mantell, spokesperson for the Canadian Diabetes

"People with diabetes who require insulin injections
need to be able to take their insulin, injection
devices and other diabetes materials with them in a
carry-on bag. Not only do they need access to their
insulin during their travels, but insulin is affected
by extreme temperatures and should not be stored in an
unpressurized area of an aircraft," she added.

People with diabetes may also need to carry with them
a list of any diabetes-related medications obtained
from their pharmacist.

"We are sensitive to the needs of people with diabetes
and regret any inconvenience increased security has
caused, said Cliff Mackey, president ATAC. "At the
same time, we are aware that airlines and their
passengers must adhere to recently strengthened
security at airports and hope the advice given will
prove useful to travelers." 

The Canadian Diabetes Association has a detailed
summary of travel tips for people with diabetes.

The Canadian Diabetes Association works to prevent
diabetes and improve the quality of life for those
affected through research, education, service and

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