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[IP] Pump & weight loss

This question is directed mainly to those who are
overweight or were overweight just before starting on
the pump, but if anyone who has any insight to this I
welcome your response.  I am overweight and have been
using the pump for 3 weeks now and I have noticed that
I have lost weight and some of my old clothes are
fitting me.  I am not sure how much I have lost
exactly because I do not own a scale.  My bs have been
more even since going on the pump.  I am not
complaining about this and I think it is great, but I
just think it is odd how my clothes are suddenly
getting looser.  Of all the different diets & exercise
programs I have tried I haven't had much success and
now I am losing weight by doing nothing except
controling my diabetes with a little gadget! 

Mystie & Slinky-Puppy-Gadget (sorry I can't decide on
just one name yet!) =)

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