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[IP] Boyz II Men?

I have been on the pump since I was 21 (I'm now 31) and have always worn my 
pump on my belt without any problems.  Like others have said, strangers 
assume its a pager and friends generally don't notice it at all (until it 
beeps and one of them undoubtedly sarcastically asks if they can "reprogram" 
my pump).  To carry supplies I would recommend a very urban/mod solution 
that is popular here in the San Francisco bay area with men in general -- a 
messenger bag that you can throw over your shoulder.  I use it to hold my 
glucometer, some sugar source, my insulin etc. and several other hormones 
that I replace by pill), so that I always have everything with me.  I find 
it to be a sporty, discrete and yet still non-purse like solution.  Plus, 
you can carry loads of other things ... books, cds, etc. ... and it 
generally looks good with a sweater.  When I go to concerts or events where 
you can't bring a bag in, I usually bring a bare minimum of things in a coat 


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Hi Folks,

Sorry for the trick to get your attention LOL, but I would love some input
concerning boys/men and pumping .

So, from boys to men, can you offer some support or suggestions that I can
pass along to this young fellow to relieve some anxiety?

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