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[IP] Re: Places for insertions?

In a message dated 9/21/01 1:46:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The degree of hypertrophy may be an insulin specific problem. You 
 might want to try a different insulin, with your doc's approval, of 
 course. Novolog is available in distribution as of ~ the 15th of the 
 month. I will post a note about Lily's experience with it (good so 
 far) in a few days. 
 Michael >>

Thanks Michael.  Yes, Claire''s hypertrophy did seem to worsen when we 
switched from Regular/NPH to Humalog and NPH.  Her arms worsened and became 
bruised looking.  I think her control worsened (it was bad to begin with)once 
we started using Humalog in her injections.  It got those highs down quickly, 
but ran out well before the NPH kicked in for lunch, and then didn't cover 
the bedtime snack that little ones always want.  Thank goodness for the pump 
and all of you pumpers with your helpful advice.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 
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