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[IP] venting- responsibility

Do you ever have people make comments to you about having responsibility, 
and just feel like you want to strangle them?  I want to scream, I have 
known more responsibility since I was 12 that you could possibly ever know.  
For example, my future MIL made a comment about  "responsibility" the other 
day... I said I was exhausted, and I think she thought I meant in regards to 
taking care of the puppy, since that's what we had been talking about.  She 
made it sound like "well you're getting your first tase of responsibility 
how do you like it?"  She is a great person, and we get along really well, 
but even the most well-meaning people can be so clueless.  Taking care of a 
puppy or babysitting my neice is responsibility, yes...but not more than I 
am used to and certainly not more than I can handle.  Some days I am 
exhausted because maybe I had a bg roller coaster day or maybe I had a ton 
of doctors appointments or insurance fights or maybe I'm tired of playing 
around with my doses... and I have to add normal every day responsibilities 
like school and my job and bills to pay and cooking dinner and cleaning the 
house and trying to keep my relationship going well and taking care of the 
puppy, not to mention kids when I have them...  I wish other people who have 
no idea what we do and think about on a daily basis would stop thinking we 
are like everyone else and it's "no big deal."  I know what responsibility 
is like, I've had responsibility for whether or not I live through the day 
since I was 12 years old.  Back then I surely had my parents' help, but 
well, thanks for letting me ramble.  I had to get that off my chest.  I am 
SO thankful to have you all for that.


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