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Re: [IP] Are You Low? Grrrrrr!

--- "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm getting sick and tired of concerned individuals
> asking "Are you low?" 

I know people are just concerned when they ask me
that, but it somehow feels patronizing. I have a
friend, also a diabetic, whom I have a very turbulent
work relationship with. Whenever we argue (which is
often) it always devolves into one of us screaming at
the other "Go check your *$#@ blood sugar!", at which
point we can't help but giggle, which defuses the
tension. We also throw around popular phrases of
non-D's at each other, eg. "Should you be eating
that?" or "So wait, you can't eat sugar, right?" ,
which helps us deal with the frustration of patiently
answering those questions over an over again. Try it! 

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