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Re: [IP] Just gotta whine a little...

> (I realize that in the light of recent events, I don't have much to
> whine about, but it usually makes me feel a little better to get it
> out, and I know you guys can relate )
> I hadn't ordered any pump supplies since adding my son to my
> insurance plan (thanks partly to someone who kindly gave me some
> sets) and was looking at my new insurance card the other day. 
> Imagine my shock when I realized my new deductible for "durable
> medical supplies" is $800 in network with a 20% copay, or $1200 out
> of network with a 30% copay. 

It might not be as bad as you think. The insurance company is 
responsible for providing you with a list of IN NETWORK providers OR 
allowing you to go out of network with the in-network co-pays, etc... 
call them and make them do it. I've been very successful with this 
tactic numerous times.

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