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Re: [IP] Re: Places for insertions?

Barb wrote:
>     On injections Claire got lipohypertrophy everywhere.  It was
>     just 
> awful--you should have seen her arms and her tummy.  Then her upper
> butt would get it too, but it didn't look quite so bad.  Her legs
> were okay, as the area is larger, but she wouldn't let me inject
> there, but I did her bedtime needle when she was asleep and always
> did her legs then.  Doctors just said to rotate the injection sites
> more, but to where???  So I am very worried about developing
> problems with pump sites too.
>     She has been pumping since April and her arms now look fine and
>     so does 
> her tummy.  Thank goodness they went back to normal. When we met the
> CDE in our town when we moved here last fall, she said she had never
> seen anything like that before.  
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

The degree of hypertrophy may be an insulin specific problem. You 
might want to try a different insulin, with your doc's approval, of 
course. Novolog is available in distribution as of ~ the 15th of the 
month. I will post a note about Lily's experience with it (good so 
far) in a few days.

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