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Re: [IP] Boyz II Men?

Hi.   I was never a teenager with DM.  It didn't hit me 'till I was 25.
But, here are some of the things I do to deal with 'the gear'.

When I leave the house, I am ready for just about any contingency.

I use a large Atwater-Carey 'wallet'.  It holds more than enough supplies,
and it looks like a large Day Planner/Calender/Address Book.  I carry a
backpack, so it just gets thrown in.  This would probably work fine for
school or weekend/group outings.

For evenings/dates, I usually take the wallet and just leave it in the car.
If it is something like a concert (long evening) I throw a syringe in my
pocket, to draw out of resivoir if needed, and put the meter in my jacket
pocket.  I no longer use a pen as back up, it's just a little too bulky.

As for me, hiding the back up has never been the issue, hiding the infusion
site has been.  We all want to live a normal life and not always draw
attention to ourselves.  Body issues for teenagers are a reality.  Please be
sensitive to this.  There are plenty of site options, thigh, butt, that will
give good absorption and still let me peel my shirt off with out having a
tube going into my stomach.

As for the pump, it is always on my belt on the right side on the trouser
leg seam.  Everyone always assumes it's a beeper.

Good luck,
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
DCCT Control Group, MM507
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