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[IP] Are You Low? Grrrrrr!

I'm getting sick and tired of concerned individuals asking "Are you low?" 
It is unnecessary and usually uncalled for and always the wrong question! 
In 37 years, with the exception of a few times during illness or while 
sleeping, there has been only once time (36 years ago in the snow) that I 
have required assistance for a hypo.

I know when I am low and I will take care of it. If I need help I will ask 
for it! Please don't get back to me with "but, what if ..." Regardless of 
the "what ifs" am still tired of it.

Furthermore if someone is really concerned about me "Are you low?" is the 
wrong question. They should be asking "Are you high?" If I am low I will 
know it and I will be miserable and inconvenienced for a couple of hours 
but the long term damage is relatively minor. But, if I am high I might not 
know it and the results could include blindness, kidney failure or loss of 
a limb.

Bottom line is I am a lot more afraid of the highs than the lows and wish 
those around me would get with program and recognize these priorities.

Pat - Feeling very grumpy today
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