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Re: [IP] We need some help!!!

No Delivery on a Bolus...

This has happened to me about 3 times in the last 6 years. (With a MM506.)
I've only had my MM508 for less than a year so I haven't seen  that problem with
Yeah, it's strange.. I don't know why it would report it on a bolus, but not on a
except that the basil is so small an amount, that maybe the mechanism in the pump
that senses a no delivery can't pick up on that small of a pressure change. That
would be something good to
ask MiniMed.

The worst problem I had with a no delivery was really my fault. I let the
reservoir go too low, then I
ran out in the middle of the night. I replaced the infusion set around 1 AM, but
sleepily.... I forgot to prime the pump, so by 4AM I wasn't doing so well.

That's one of the reasons they always say to change your infusion in the morning.

I know sometimes schedules just don't work out well and doing it at night is
easier, but if something happens with insulin delivery after a change, you are
awake for it and maybe can  respond faster...
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