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Re: [IP] Places for insertion

I have to respond to this one too because like Dianne said it takes alot to 
get these kids to change.  Well, it was like pulling teeth to get Josh to let 
me try his upper hiney.  He screamed and fought me the whole time on the 
first time.  He continued fighting and screaming as I was cleaning everything 
up.  He st opped and saw what I was doing and asked why I was stopping.  I 
had to tell him that the site was done, in his butt.  He couldn't believe 
it!!!!  He NEVER felt it.  Josh tush is the ONL place where he has any 
padding at all and he honestly does not feel these sites go in and he never 
feels the insulin go in, even on the first bolus!  He also gets THE BEST BG 
results from his hiney sites.  We can count on his tummy sites to give us 
maybe 2 days of fairly good BGs and then start to rise.  But we do rotate; 
hiney, tummy, left and right on each!
Good luck to all the parents who are trying something new for the first time!!

mom to Joshua
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