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Re: [IP] School and responsibility

My 9 yo (4th grade) is mostly on her own.  There is an alarm set in the class
for the lunch test.  Then she goes to recess and then lunch.  The bolus is on
her lunch bag or we have discussed her hot lunch strategy based on nutrition
info provided by district nutritionist.  She will guess and bolus on her own
for the hot lunch.  She has permission to share her lunch and adjust her
bolus.  She sometimes has chocolate milk which has more carbo than reg. and
she adjusts her bolus for that too.

Class parties are on her own, or she calls us to help estimate.  (rarely)

She treats highs and calculates unused insulin on her own.  If over 300 she
goes to the office and pulls up a shot on her own.

She tests before PE and adjusts up or down on her own.

We have her max bolus set at 4U so she can't get in too much trouble.  4U
would be a lot and I HOPE that her liver could pull her out.

She carries a cell phone, glucose, glucose gel, calculator, flash light, and
test kit with her wherever she goes.

If she has a question, she calls myself or her Mom.  We both have cell phones,
desk phones, and her Mom has a pager.

Two days a week, she and her little sister (7) walk home alone and stay there
for a couple of hours alone.  She tests when she gets there and calls me to
confirm her arrival.  She will also tell me what her number was and what she
did for it.  Then they do homework until it is done and then on comes the
cartoon network!!!!!  Other days they are escorted to afterschool care and
then she is really on her own.

Does she do all this stuff perfectly?  NO!! but she is working on it and damn
proud to be doing it too.

Our philosophy is to get her in charge of as much as possible as soon as
possible.  We are there for back-up and training.  She can and does ask us to
do things for her, even to test her.  We check her purse every night and make
her lunch and write the carbs and bolus on it.  If she doesn't call me on
those tow days I call her.  We record her numbers daily and we look for trends
to adjust basals by.  Usually we include her in a discussion about a basal
change or a ratio change.  we test her after she is asleep and just before she
awakes.  She averages 7 tests a day but she really only does 3-5 herself.
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