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[IP] RE: Accutane for diabetics?


I don't have diabetes (my 11yo does) but I used Accutane when I
was 18. I remember that it was very expensive. :) I had to have
bloodwork drawn monthly, to check my lipids and some other things
(it can make the bad cholesterol go high). Because of that I also
had some dietary restrictions (low fat/low cholesterol). If I had
been sexually active I would've been put on birth control pills
as well (because Accutane can cause birth defects in early pgcy.)
I also had to be careful out in the heat and sun to avoid sun
stroke, and my exercise activity was restricted. Oh yeah...my
eyes were also very sensitive and dry while I was on it (and I
still have problems with that to this day) but that might not
happen with everyone.
Personally, if it were me, I wouldn't use it if I had diabetes
just because of the lipid stuff. It did clear my face up but it
didn't last forever because I did break out again years later.
I've tried lots and lots of different things and finally found
something that works better than anything else I've ever tried -
ALPHA HYDROXY!!! Wish this had been available when I was 18! I
use an inexpensive facial scrub (I think it's made by Freeman -
called Beautiful Skin, Raspberry & Almond, Beta Hydroxy [similar
to alpha hydroxy] face and body scrub - found at Target, WalMart,
etc) but there are foaming face washes containing it too (one
I've used is made by Alpha Hydrox - red box w/gold lettering at
WalMart and Target). You literally see a difference within days.
The only other thing I use is glycerin soap (leaves no residue).
Usually at night, before bed, I wash my face with the glycerin
soap and in the morning (when I shower) I use the scrub. (Not
everyone needs to use the alpha hydroxy every day - some people
have more sensitive skin and can use it every other day or a few
times a week to get good results. Just have to experiment with
this.) I make sure to keep my hair pulled off my face when I
sleep and don't put my hands on my face a lot (or sleep on my
face.) My skin has never looked better! ;) Oh yeah, one other
nice side effect of the Alpha Hydroxy, besides evening out the
skin tone and making the complexion clear, is that it made the
chicken pox crater on the right side of my face disappear. I
can't even see it anymore and my skin is completely smooth there.
It used to be *very* deep and I was really self-conscious about
it. I guess all that exfoliating over 5+ yrs eventually made it
go away (not complaining!) :)

Well anyway, hope this helps!

Take care, Kerri
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