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[IP] Bees and Diabetes

Here is a curious thing...
    For just over a week, my mom has had 4 bee stings, and a 5th dive-bomb
after her. She is allergic.
    The same amount of bees has been around my dad and I, but we have yet to
be stung, in fact, they hardly ever try to land on us at all. I am the only
diabetic out of the 3 of us. Do any of you know as to why bees would single
out 1 person like that?
    I think they must have a war plan in their hive somewhere to attack her!
    I live up in the mountains of Utah. It is very unusual to have this many
bees around this time of year. My dad and I have gone through the trees and
ground trying to find their hive, but so far no luck.
    I would have thought that if they were going to go after anyone it would
be me since I am so sweet ;-)
    Anyway...if anybody has any suggestions on what to do to get the bees to
leave my mom alone, I would appreciate it!
    You all are great!

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