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I shut it off at 5:30 to exercise and at 7:30 I went
to un-suspend it and it went dead nothing.  Changed
batteries still nothing.  It is a 508 only had it a
year and 4 months.


Don't panic, you will have to go back on shots for a few days.  The problem is most likely static electricity.  The dreaded zap.
It can happen anytime.  If you shuffle across the floor then touch your pump Zap it can cause the pump the lock up.  508s are
notorious for this.  Normally in a minute or a few hours it will magically start back up.  I have have a 508 for 1 year and 10
months and have had 4 or 5 Zap attacks.  MiniMed will give you a special case with an antistatic lining.   They also told me to
put an antistatic dryer sheet in the pump case.  I did not do either one.  I didn't like the case and I didn't like the smell or
residue the dryer sheet left.  So far it has not permanently stopped my pump.

Now what has stopped my pump is the damn keypad.  twice in 22 months the pump would just start to not take a key stroke
(pushbutton or whatever) entry. Eventually it would get so bad that I had to return the pump.  Eventually I would get an
explanation that "something under the keypad malfunctioned"  Anyway this could be your problem.  My key pad problems started
slowly, a malfunction every so often until the pad would really malfunction a lot.  I usually returned the pump when I realized
that the problem was not my fumbling fingers but was the pump.

I hope that this helps.  I like my 508 but it could be more reliable.

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