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[IP] insurance prep

With the recent posts about insurance woes, I wanted to share my personal
experience with how I learned (sometimes the hard way) about an industry
that makes no sense at times. I was diagnosed at age 11. The first shot,
blood test, and exchange counting I experienced was done by me, of course
with supervision and training. But my parents were very adamant about having
me learn to do everything myself right away. This included walking to the
pharmacy to pick up my supplies. If there was ever a problem with an RX or a
Dr's orders, I made the phone calls and set things straight. Many times I
thought my parents were just overbearing and down right sadistic. However, I
am very proud of how much I learned early on about insurance, doctors,
negotiation, communication, and the economics of having a life long disease.
I now have very little difficulties with any of the parties involved in my
diabetes treatment and when I do have to address an issue, I know what laws,
resources, and responsible parties to deal with.

So I encourage moms and dads of kids with the big D out there to help their
children learn the ropes before they are thrust out into the dark world of
co-pays, deductibles, and HMO's on their own.

I also have to add that I live in WI, and the laws here are generous, from
what I can tell in regard to forcing insurance companies to cover all
diabetes and pump supplies. Not to rub anyone's hardship in, but I paid
zilch for my new pump and start up supplies from Minimed. And my 3 month
supplies will cost me $25 per item. Yeah Wisconsin!

Amy B. Anderson
Account Manager
Apple Product Professional

Justice and Peace for All Americans
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