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My son with diabetes goes to a  private Catholic High School.  I am also a teacher.  I pick him up afterschool.  On Tuesday 9-11 I was listening to the radio on my way to get my son. I hadn't watched or listened to much about the bombing- our school did not let us listen or watch the media coverage.  As I approached my son's school I heard that there had been a bomb threat that day and the students were moved to another location until the building was searched.  My first thought was how much insulin he had left in his pump that morning.  We were in a hurry and I thought he pushed it a bit.  I wanted him to change but he thought he'd be fine.  All was well by the time I got there and his level was OK.  On the way home we talked about being prepared.  It is probably not a good idea to leave the house thinking you'll change your pump when you get home.  To many what if's for me.  Although he has insulin at school- what if they were evacuated and couldn't get back into the school.!
  What if his dad or I couldn't 
get to him because of problems at our workplace etc.  This stinks but I am trying to bring home my message to him- make sure you are prepared!!
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