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Re: [IP] honeymoon in kids

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Andrew B wrote:

> This is so frustrating. Could she be honeymooning? What could be causing her
> insulin needs to drop? Could the exercise from the soccer game still effect
> her
> 12 hours later? How in the world are we supposed to make somewhat accurate
> predictions with all these variables.

Soccer can definetly affect bg's for a day or more. Particularly if she
has tournament games a couple of times a day. My daughter has played
soccer for years. It has become routine to lower basal rates at least 0.1
all night starting the first day or a tournament and not raising them
until at least 24 hours or more after the last game. Sometimes she needs
to lower 0.2 if it is a particularly tough game or its hot, etc.....
During the day, the lows can be dealt with fairly easily as the are not
abrupt, but nights have always required a tweek for Lily.
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