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[IP] private business about pumping

. i am
the first one to admit that it isnt great to have to think about diabetes all
the time, but i would hope that when my daughter is older, her answer would
different and she would be looking to help in the best way she possibly can.

we did however, luck out on another front - we just moved, and havent yet
found a babysitter. we called a friend to get some names, since we were only
going to be out for about an hour at a meetinbg a block away, we figured we'd
check her before, leave our cellphones on, and tell the sitter to call if she
woke up (it was late, she was already asleep)
when we mentioned that she has diabetes to the babysitter - she said "oh, me
she uses the same endo, and is not on the pump, though he has suggested it to

- ----------------------------------------------------------
I never mentioned my diabetes to my patients because I felt it was none of
their business. I can understand the teacher not wanting to be worrying about
another pumper. A woman who I sometimes see at work also has a pump but we
never discuss it. spot
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