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[IP] places for insertions?

hello all. my son is only pumping 2 weeks now (today!) and i think that
the sites on his bottom are much better than the ones on his belly. the
ones on his belly fall out too easily, no matter what kind of glue i
use, and all the failed sites, have been on his belly. we had another
last nite. the cannula was laying against his skin, rather that in his
skin. bad morning. ketones, stomach pains..... so, when i use his
backside, there arent many places to use. i dont think i want to go
anywhere he will sit on it, am i right? so to use only the top part,
only leaves a few inches on either side. he will not let me use anywhere
else to insert. any suggestions?
Sharon, mom to Gabrielle 13 dx 5/98
and Steven 7 dx 7/00, pumping!!!
Brooklyn, New York
"Where's the #*&$ cure?"
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