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[IP] Marlenes question, Celiac dz

From: "Marlene Johnson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Celiac - gluten free diets?

Does anyone here know what that is?  I hope I spelt it right.  Met with my
d.e. and the pump rep today and they both feel I am a good candidate for the
pump. (Yeah!)  By the time our 1 1/2 hour meeeting was over they feel I my be
celiac something or other and want me to start a gluten gree diet.  Any info
on this?  I am lost!

Thanks in advance,
- ----------------------------------------------------------
gluten is a protein in bread flour. It makes the dough smooth and elastic as
you knead the bread. It is absorbed by cells that line the small intestine.
Gluten enteropathy or celiac disease is an auto immune disease that often
accompanies type 1 diabetes i assume you meant gluten free diet. you can get
info on this from King Arthur Flours on the web. its not a nice diet. no bread
etc. In gluten enteropathy these little cells get killed off by an autoimmune
attack. Just another immune attack by your bod's killer T cells. spot
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