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[IP] My Dr.'s visit

Well, I had my first site failure from a crimped cannula yesterday.  Guess 
where I was.  The Dr.'s office talking to my CDE.  I guess if it's going to 
happen, that's the best place to have it happen.  I'm not sure that she 
believed me when I told her it was the first time it's happened, though.  She 
had me change the site right there, of course and gave me an insulin pen 
incase it happens again.

Also, she gave me the One Touch Ultra meter.  I get some of the neatest 
things from my Dr.'s office!!  When I got to sit and talk to my endo, I was 
able to tell her how much better I feel and how happy I am to have the pump.  
She was just as happy as I am.  It was really neat to hear from her 
considering when I first met her I couldn't stand her.  She treated me like 
an idiot and that I wasn't taking care of my diabetes.  After I stood up to 
her any my family dr talked to her, her attitude changed completely.  She has 
been great.

Well, just had to tell everyone about it.  It was definately the strangest 
appointment I've ever had.

Michelle and (the almost paid for) Booper
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