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Re: [IP] Emergency shots

Christine- I've had that experience when I was on a trip and my pump failed.
My doctor had me use R for the basals and Humalog  for my boluses. I take a
.1 basal in the morning  with a 7 unit bolus normally so I took7 units of R
for both. Nrmal bolus at lunch is 7 u, basal .4 for 3 hrs, then .1 for 3hrs=
total of about 8.5 But the morning R was still active until about 2pm.  So I
took 8 u R at 1pm, had to eat a little about 130 but I was good until
dinner. After dinner I go to a .6 basal until morning so that amounts to
about 5 u for 8 hrs so I took my normal Humalog for dinner plus .6 for the
first hr of basal, then 5u R two hrs after dinner. Got up about 5am to a BG
of256 and took some Humalog to bring it back down.
    The key for me was to write down what I thought the R would do hour by
hour and figure doseage from that. Ie: fivr u R spread over 6-8 hrs with a
peak at about 3-4 hrs I guessed would work at about .5 u for the
1st,2nd,5th, and 6th hrs and about 1u for the 3rd and 4th. That's not
precise but it gives you an idea of what might happen to you  BG at any time
and then you can figure when to take shots and how much accordingly. The
testr, test,test!! Bob
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From: CM Ullom <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001 10:47 PM
Subject: [IP] Emergency shots

> I know that no one can offer medical advice here. But if someone
>can point me in a direction to find such info would be appreciated.
> Been on the pump 3 years thus far, and for the first time EVER my
>pump's batteries went dead with out me having any batteries at the
>house. Since I live about 25 miles to anywhere to get them, it
>wasn't an option to drive at 2am to get batteries.  My back ups
>were gone. Couldn't find one anywhere.
>I was able to wing it doing shots for about 10 hours, but it wasn't
>easy. I did have a bottle of regular on hand, but I havn't bought
>NPH since prior to the pump.
>How can i figure out a temp basal by using humalog. Any
>suggestions?  I got the Pumping Insulin 3rd edition, but couldn't
>find anything  in there. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong pages.
>PS: please reply to me personally.
>PSS: I went to 3 different stores, no one had batteries. Wal-mart
>has only their watch batteries they sell behind the counter, at
>$2.84 a pop, it was expensive. NOrmally walmart has energizer 357
>for $1.97 per battery.  I got the behind the counter walmart brand,
>but I did also find some at kmart for $2.99 per battery.  Well, get
>what we paid for. But now I have a back up at home again.  Gee I
>wish our insurance would actually cover this stuff!
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